HOST a BollyX Blended Training Deposit

We are so excited to have you host a BollyX Blended Training at your facility. By completing this payment, you agree to the $250 deposit terms and agreement listed below:

You may receive a 100% refund if there are SEVEN full price registrations signed up 2 weeks in advance. You will then receive access to your complimentary registration to be gifted to any current affiliated instructor or yourself.

If there are not SEVEN full price registrations signed up 2 weeks in advance, BollyX reserves the right to cancel/postpone the training date. If the training date is canceled, you will receive a 50% refund. The 50% withheld by BollyX may be used towards another blended training registration or an online training registration. 


Once this payment is completed, the training will be posted on the public facing website and you will be sent sign up links as well as marketing materials. BollyX will be utilizing the $250 deposit to help market your training locally, but we do expect you to do the same by whatever means is most effective for your facility (email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, physical flyers, etc.)

Thank you again for choosing BollyX and we can't wait to bring a training to you!