BollyX Flash Tattoo Sheets

From the dance studio to the dance floor, your BollyX flash tattoos are guaranteed to make a statement. Grab a pack for yourself or share them with a friend - you'll dazzle and shine your way through any Bollywood song! How to apply: Step 1: Cut out the Temporary Tattoo Transfer you want to wear. If it is an individual design – no need to cut, out tattoos are printed off-set, meaning, the glue is only around the design. Step 2: Make sure the skin is clean and free of sunscreen, oils and dirt. Step 3: Remove the clear plastic top sheet & put the Temporary Tattoo face down on your skin. Step 4: Wet the back of the Temporary Tattoo with water, keep it wet for 30 seconds, then carefully peel off the paper backing.

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